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Take control and put yourself in line for an incredible Christmas bonus!

JP Markets is proud to launch the first Forex Trading competition of its kind in the world! Anyone, and everyone, stands a chance to potentially become a millionaire with this competition: whether you are an experienced forex trader or a complete newbie, traders of all portfolio sizes and experience levels can stand a chance to win their share of the prize pool, estimated to be multiple millions of Rands, dependent on the number of entrants.

Even if you’ve never traded Forex before, we will teach you for FREE how to trade the financial markets, either in person at our live seminars in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town, or via our distance learning package which consists of a CD and manual.

How it works:

JP Markets will fund the initial R1 Million* of the prize pool. This prize pool will increase based on the number of participants so the more entrants, the bigger the prize pool. All you have to do is open a live or demo account, subject to certain terms and conditions, with JP Markets to qualify.

The competition will be run over a 3 month period, from 15 September – 15 December, with winners to be announced on 20 December 2016.

There are two ways to enter:

1. Open a LIVE Account with JP Markets and deposit a minimum of R3 500 to qualify for entry into the competition. All existing clients who fund their accounts with a single deposit of R3 500 or more after the start date will automatically be entered into the competition. A percentage of the NETT revenue generated by these live accounts will be added to the prize pool.

2. Open a DEMO Account with JP Markets and pay R 50 per day (as a monthly payment of R1500 which you would have to commit to paying for the duration of the competition) or alternatively an upfront fee of R 3 500 saving you R1000. These entry fees will be added to the prize pool.

3. Clients can re-load their demo and live account as many times as they like. Prizes will be across various categories so everybody stands a chance to WIN.

4. Even if clients enter relatively late in the competition there will still be a chance to win, as the categories will provide opportunities to win with a single trade.

5. If you are a complete beginner, or would like to increase your knowledge base, we will teach and mentor you for FREE and help you stand a chance a chance to win your share of the prize pool. Please note this is not as in-depth as our usual training, but will still equip you with the knowledge and tools to trade.

Winner categories:

1. Top Trader: The best performing trader with the most impressive results.

2. Best trade (LIVE): A single trade which achieves the most number of points.

3. Best Risk Management: Measured consistently over the duration of the competition.

4. Best Beginner Trader: best performing demo account.

5. Best trade (DEMO) OR Most consistent trader (will be updated with more information).

Depending on the number of entrants, runner up prizes may be introduced in certain categories at the sole discretion of JP Markets. Entrants will be able to track the progress of the best performers via a leader-board on our website. We will also regularly update on the number of entrants and the size of the prize pool.

Terms and Conditions

  • Entrants must open a live or demo account at www.jpmarkets.co.za.
  • JP Markets guarantees the first R1 000 000 based on a minimum number of 2000 entrants either live or demo. Failure to attain this target will mean that JP Market’s guaranteed minimum will be pro-rated accordingly.
  • Competition will be run from 15 Sep to 15 Dec and winners will be announced on 20 December.
  • Entrants must pay the full fee for the duration to qualify for the prize. i.e. Monthly fee /once off fee for demo accounts, or be actively trading a funded live account for the duration of the competition. Demo entrants will be disqualified should they default on the prescribed payments, and will forfeit any monies already paid.
  • FREE training and mentorship only applies to individuals who have paid the monthly fee or has funded their live account with a minimum of R3 500.
  • Winners in each category will be decided by JP Markets, the decision will be final and binding, and no correspondence shall be entered into.


Open a Live Account                     Open a Demo Account

Risk Warning: Trading on margin products involves a high level of risk.

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