So you want to copy a “Professional Trader” or invest with a “Fund Manger”. Follow these easy few steps below to get started. Once you followed steps below, sit back, relax and see the profit role in.

Step 1

a.) Please visit to sign up to follow, copy or invest with a “Professional Trader” or as a “Fund Manager”.

Step 2

a.) Once you have signed up or into your account. You will see your dashboard.

b.) Then you click on “Find Manager” on the left (black) menu.

c.) Click or search for the “Professional Trader” or “Fund Manager” you wish to copy or invest with. Set up all your settings and there we go. You are copying a master trader.

How to sign up as a master trader?

Risk Warning: Trading on margin products involves a high level of risk. By copying other traders may cause you to loose more than what you have invested. Make sure you have studied and validated the master traders history prior to investing or copying. Past successes may not guarantee future successes.

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