100% Deposit Bonus

Use the new JP Markets Android App!

If you use the new JP Markets Android App, you will be able to get this 100% bonus! If you don’t have an Android phone, you can still use the online portal

Don’t worry iPhone users, the app has been created we are just waiting on Apple to publish. We will be updating all our clients the moment the iPhone app is released. You can still use the online portal to get the bonus.

Download the Android App here

Access your Portal here

Skrill is now working!

100% bonus up to R140’000!

It’s back, and better than before! No tiers, no scaling, just a massive 100% bonus on ALL deposits over R3’000 up to a whopping R140’000 or USD equivalent! The bonus only applies for deposits made through the mobile app or the online portal. For a very limited time we will be offering 100% bonus on ALL deposits, even ones below R3'000! Please note that this is a very limited time, so get in quick! When this expires, the minimum will be R3'000 and up.

No more waiting for deposit bonus to reflect

The bonuses are applied automatically if you use the JP Markets portal. So deposit now, and the bonus will be there immediately!

Tired of Brokers removing all your bonus on withdrawal?

Unlike some other brokers, we only remove a percentage of your deposit bonus based on your withdrawal value. Instead of the whole bonus!

So how does it work?

Simple. Make a deposit of at least R3’000 and you will automatically be given the same value in additional credit! The bonus will stay in your account for 90 days, and withdrawals will only effect your bonus as a percentage instead of removing the whole thing.

Not a client of JP Markets? No problem!

If you are not already with JP Markets, then no problem. Visit our registration page and sign up now. The bonus is still active so get your deposit in as soon as possible.

We pay out withdrawals quickly

We’ve all heard the stories of some brokers not being able to pay out. JP Markets ensures that there is more than enough liquid equity so we can process withdrawals as quickly and efficiently as possible. The below account is a client who withdrew $88’000 USD of his profits, and payment was done the same day!

T&C’s Apply

Forex Account History

Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

  1. By continuing to participate in the bonus promotions you agree to the terms and conditions both as listed below and on our website.
  2. For the duration of this promotion, a 100% deposit bonus will be applied to all deposits of R3 000 and above, up to a cumulative maximum of $10 000 or equivalent per trading account.
  3. Due to the nature of the MAM system, no MAM clients will qualify for any bonus.
  4. The bonus is directly linked to the qualifying deposit – the bonus will be transferred proportionally in the event of any inter-account transfers,  and any withdrawals will result in the bonus being reduced by an amount equal to the withdrawal. Your bonus will be reduced with any withdrawal, irrespective of whether this is a profit or capital withdrawal.
  5. This bonus is intended as a trading credit only and may not be withdrawn. Equally, should your balance drop below the bonus amount, the bonus will be adjusted accordingly.
  6. Bonus expires 90 days after date of issue therefore the company has the right to amend, alter or terminate this bonus scheme at its sole discretion, and at any time without notice.
  7. Should your account be stopped out, the negative balance protection feature will be applied and any bonus removed, resulting in a zero balance / equity
  8. The company accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss resulting from the stop out of open positions where the company has removed the bonus scheme. Please make careful note of any expiry dates and ensure you have sufficient equity to maintain any open positions should the bonus be withdrawn.
  9. The company reserves the right to reverse all profits and trades made as a result of trades being executed on a negative balance. Should a trade be placed using your credit only and you have a zero or negative balance all profits will be removed accordingly. The credit is used for leverage and equity only and should new trades be executed before the negative balance correction runs the company reserves the rights to reverse trades and profits accordingly.
  10. The maximum bonus you can have at any time is 100% of your balance. Should your bonus be more than your deposit, the balance will be corrected and will affect any open positions.