Interest Benefit Option

JP Markets is one of the only Brokers that allows you to earn interest on your accounts' balance and profits. Some interesting facts about this interest allocation:

  • We are the only broker to offer interest on deposits and profits!
  • The interest rate of approx. 7.2% per annum allocated weekly, means you’re earning interest at a better rate than you would get on a standard savings account!
  • You are earning interest in the currency of your trading acc – therefore earning interest in USD, GBP, EUR, ZAR and KWD and increasing the real value of your trading account
  • Of course, this addition gives you greater equity and therefore more trading opportunities!

Have you used our new instant online deposit facility yet? This option is quick and seamless and can be accessed any time of the night or day – no more waiting for manual allocations! Check out our online tutorial and try it for yourself!