Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum deposit?

JP Markets does not have a strict minimum deposit – our clients are welcome to invest whatever they are comfortable with. We do however recommend starting with around R3 000, particularly if you require training.

How much does JP Markets charge for training?

Our clients enjoy complimentary access to some of the best Forex training and mentorship at no charge, provided they have live, funded accounts with JP Markets – there are different levels of access available depending on the value of your investment. We offer classes at selected offices across South Africa, or online and video courses should you prefer to learn at your own pace.

Have a look at our training calendar on our website or email learn@jpmarkets.co.za to book, or to enquire about our self-study options.

What documents are required to open an account?

As a licensed financial services provider, we are obligated to comply with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (also known as FICA). This Act is the government’s response to the global fight against money laundering and fraud. To comply with the Act, we must identify, verify and update clients’ information, which includes their proof of residence or proof of address. In short – these efforts ensure a safer financial system for all of us. As most of our business is conducted online and we do not transact with our clients face-to-face, we are subject to stricter laws than other entities. We therefore require the following in order to validate your account:

  • A certified copy of your ID.
  • Confirmation of residential address. Examples include the following:
    • a utility bill reflecting the name and residential address of the person;
    • a recent lease or rental agreement reflecting the name and residential address of the person;
    • municipal rates and taxes invoice reflecting the name and residential address of the person;
    • mortgage statement from another institution reflecting the name and residential address of the person;
    • fixed -line telephone account reflecting the name and residential address of the person;
    • valid television licence reflecting the name and residential address of the person;
    • a statement of account issued by a retail store that reflects the residential address of the person.
  • We will also require confirmation of your bank details in order to process any withdrawals.

I don’t receive any mail in my name – what can I submit as proof of address?

You can request a cohabitation form from us, and ask the homeowner to complete and submit along with their supporting documentation. Alternatively you could approach your ward councilor or local police station for an affidavit confirming your residential address.

I just tried to login and it says invalid login/password/no connection.

Open your MT4 client terminal.

Click on File.

Click on open an account.

Click on Scan and let the whole scanning of the servers finish.

Once scanning finishes, click on JPMarkets-Live (for live) or JPMarkets-Practice (for demo).

Choose ‘existing account’.

Input login and password and you should be able to connect.

Should this fail please contact us via support@jpmarkets.co.za, the live chat feature on our website, or telephonically at (+27) 021 276 0230.

How do I fund my trading account?

JP Markets differs from its competitors because we are authorized and licensed to accept local deposits from clients. We have bank accounts with Absa, FNB, Standard Bank and Nedbank, as well as multiple payment gateways. It’s as easy as doing an EFT or cash deposit, or a simple card transaction on our website with your preferred intermediary. Please click here for more details: jpmarkets.co.za/bank-details.

Can I fund my account using Bitcoins?

Yes you can, but only via Skrill – fund your Skrill wallet using Bitcoin and use this intermediary to fund your JP Markets trading account.

What reference must I use when I make a deposit?

Please use your MT4 account number as reference number when making a deposit. Should your MT4 number not be active, please use your full name and surname. You can also forward your proof of payment to finance@jpmarkets.co.za with your MT4 number in the subject line.

What is the turnaround time for my deposit to be allocated and reflect in my account?

Deposits are allocated almost instantaneously but because this is done manually, we try to adhere to a maximum TAT of 1 hour during business hours. Please be aware that this window may be slightly longer around news events etc.

My deposit has not reflected on my account – what is the problem?

Please ensure that you have used the correct reference, and that your proof of payment contains the following:

  • Sending bank, and recipient bank, details.
  • Date of transaction.
  • Amount.
  • Beneficiary reference.

Kindly note that due to high incidences of fraud, we cannot allocate bigger amounts until they have reflected in our bank account. It is for this reason also that all cheques deposits are subject to a 10-day clearance period.

I just downloaded MT4, why can’t I place any trades?

Sometimes upon downloading, not all symbols are displayed automatically. To enable this, you need to do the following:

– Right click on your ‘Market Watch’ list. – Select ‘Show All’

Please make sure that you trade the instruments that has a dash (-) next to it.

I forgot my password for the client portal.

To reset your password, go to JP Markets Home.

– Select ‘Login’.

– Select ‘Forgot Password’

– Enter your email address and select ‘Reset’

You will receive email instructions to reset your password.

Should this fail please contact us via support@jpmarkets.co.za, the live chat feature on our website, or telephonically at (+27) 021 276 0230.

I forgot my password for my trading platform.

Log into your client portal via our website and click ‘My Accounts’ then click on the account number (in blue) to access your trading account.

I forgot my password for my trading platform Click on ‘Change Password’
I forgot my password for my trading platform

Enter the new password in both blocks and submit – you should now be able to access your trading account with your new password.

How do I request a withdrawal?

Withdrawing funds from your JP Markets account is easy and quick. Withdrawal are processed Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, GMT +2 (South African Standard Time), with all others being acted on within 24 hours.

For security reasons, we will call you to verify the request- if you are expecting a withdrawal, please answer any 087 / 010 / 021 calls to avoid further delays.

Step 1

Please log in to your member area at secure.jpmarkets.co.za and do an internal transfer from your trading account to your landing account.

Step 2

Click on ‘Transfers’ on the top grey bar and select ‘Internal Transfers’ from the bar on the right hand side.

Step 3

The ‘from’ account is your trading account and the ‘to’ account is your landing account.

Step 4

Enter the amount (in your trading currency) that you would like to withdraw. We will process the conversion on our side and click on submit, and it will go to our finance department for verification.

Ensure all documentation is in order before submitting your request, or it will be declined. We require clear, scanned copies of the following in order to process a withdrawal – ID, proof of address and bank statement confirming your INDIVIDUAL bank details – we are not allowed to process third party payments as per FSB regulations.

More information relating to withdrawals is available on our website.

What is the turnaround time for a withdrawal?

Withdrawals are processed immediately and paid within 4 hours provided that all documentation is in order and you have spoken with our withdrawals department to verify your banking details.

How long does it take for a withdrawal to reflect?

Withdrawals are paid from our bank accounts to yours within 4hrs after approval, usually from the same bank. The notable exception is Capitec as they do not offer business bank accounts. These withdrawals are therefore regrettably delayed by the banking system which is unfortunately outside of our control.

Can I withdraw a bonus?

Your bonuses are earned and you receive 5 dollars per lot. E.g.: if you receive a bonus of $50, you need to trade 10 lots in order to earn the full $50 bonus which you can then withdraw.

How much is a spread?

Spreads are variable based on market conditions. However, JP Markets offers some of the most competitive spreads in the market. On average you can get EUR/USD for about 2 pips, under normal market conditions.

Does JP Markets have control over the spread/platform?

No, JP Markets has no control over the platform, spreads or clients’ accounts. Unlike some other brokers, our liquidity comes directly from the biggest banks in the world such as JP Morgan. UBS and Morgan Stanley to mention just a few. As a result, the spread is determined by the market conditions. The platform is a 3rd party company – we basically connect our best pricing into MT4. As a result, clients receive market pricing and the most stable and fair pricing.

How much is a swap?

Swaps are dependent on the pairs but can be checked by right clicking in your market watch, and selecting ‘symbols and properties’.

Pending order expiration

When setting a pending order(Buy/sell Limit OR Buy/Sell Stop), you specify price and can also specify expiry.

In the MT4 platform you can either uncheck or check the expiry box. When unchecked, the pending order will be GTC (Good Till Cancelled), thus the pending order will not expire unless you close it manually. If the expiry box is checked, you will be prompted for a time, take note that the default time is to expire at the close of the next hour.

In the mobile MT4 Platform, you will also be asked for expiration either GTC or an expiry time/date. The default is also to expire at the close of the next hour.

Even if you specify a stop loss, the price specified as stop loss is not guaranteed as you may get a worst price due to market conditions as stop orders are always executed as market orders.

Also, it is imperative to clarify that orders may get closed before it reaches the TP or SL levels due to account reaching a stop out level.

Does JP Markets give signals to clients?

JP Markets does not give signals to clients. However, we do provide world class information and education around specific pairs and symbols and what is happening in the markets. These are sometimes received up to 3 times a day via SMS and email to ensure you get the best available information to make the most informed trading decision. Remember, your success is our success.

Does JP Markets buy Mandela coins?

JP Markets does not accept Mandela coins as a preferred method of payment as it is not authorized by the FSB. Clients can cash this in at their bank and then fund their account via the usual channels.

How do I become an Introducing Broker (IB)?

You can sign up directly on our website under our partners tab. You can also call on at our head office on 021 276 0230 or email support@jpmarkets.co.za.

We pay the best commissions in the industry and you can withdraw your rebates at any time. You can also track your rebates on your MT4 Account which you can trade with or withdraw at any time. We also have a dedicated team of IB Professionals that help you with your business from building a website, hosting seminars, Online Marketing, Designing Banners to mention a few. These individuals are focused to take all these tasks away from you to ensure you can focus on sales.

Our goal for all our partners is to help them grow so that one day they too can open their own brokerage, if that is their aim. Our sister company, JP Technology, can assist with all the requirements to start your own brokerage.

We can also tailor make a structure to suit your individual requirements. Your success is our success!

What different account types does JP Markets offer?

We understand that traders are different, and therefore their requirements are different, based on their trading style. As a result, we offer different types of accounts structured to suit you as a trader. We have ZAR, USD and GBP based accounts, as well as accounts which charge you commission or an account which charge you spread as a cost. All these accounts have direct market access and your order flows directly into the market, thereby ensuring you receive the best possible market price from the Forex market with no manipulation of prices, slippages or lagging of any sort. We do not differentiate between micro or mini accounts – you are free to trade all available pairs without restriction.

What is the difference between ECN and Standard accounts?

An ECN account stands for electronic communication network. It means that your orders are executed directly in the market. The difference between the two is that on an ECN account, you will see a commission charged per transaction whereas on a standard account you will be charged on spread. Both accounts work out to similar in cost so it is all dependent on what you as a trader prefer.

How much is the commission on an ECN account?

The commission charged is $ 10 per lot. We do offer a lower commission on our VIP Accounts.

Why was my stop loss / take profit not hit?

System Brief The Way Pending orders work in Financial Markets is as follows:

If a client has placed a Buy Limit or a Buy Stop Order, the orders will get executed if the Ask price reaches the specified level.

If a client has placed a Sell limit or a Sell Stop Order, the orders will get executed if the Bid price reaches the specified level.

If a client has placed a Buy order, both SL (Stop Loss) and TP (Take Profit) levels will be executed if the Bid price reaches the specified levels.

If a client has placed a Sell order, both SL (Stop Loss) and TP (Take Profit) levels will be executed if the Ask price reaches the specified levels.

  • By default, MT4 platform only displays Bid price line. Enable the Ask price line on the charts.
  • All the Highs and Lows of all symbols are made from the Bid prices.

Clients make their trading decisions based only on the Bid price line which is what they see ontheir charts and then think that their Stop Loss and Take Profit levels were wrongly executed.

Clients place trades only using the pricing information on the charts which is not the right way asthe charts are made not from the tradable prices but from pricing library.

Clients should place trades using the prices displayed on the market watch as those are theprices JP Markets is willing to buy and sell.

How a Chart looks with only Bid Price Line

How chart looks with both Bid and Ask Price Lines

How does JP Markets make money if you are offering free courses and your clients are “profitable”?

JP Markets makes revenue when clients trade. Therefore the more that clients trade, the more revenue that is made. It is for this reason we ensure that our clients receive all the knowledge and tools available to be able to make their own educated trading decisions.

Who regulates JP Markets?

JP Markets is an authorized FSP 46855. We are regulated by the Financial Services Board and the responsible acts such as FIC Act, SARB and FICA act.

How much money can I make if I deposit X amount?

Your profits all depend on the type of trader you are. There are no limitations or restrictions on what you can make in the Forex market. Some people have managed to make 10 000 % in one day but what is important is to manage your risk.

I want to start trading but I don’t know how?

We can teach you through our online courses, PDF Forex Book or any of our free classes we host. Contact us at learn@jpmarkets.co.za to find out more.

Do I have to pay JP Markets for their services other than my investment?

No, there are no fees you have to pay.

Can JP Markets trade on my behalf?

No, we do not trade clients’ funds on their behalf, and we do not recommend that you give your login credentials to anyone to trade on your behalf. We can however teach you how to trade the markets on your own. Alternatively you could link your account to that of a master trader – check out our social trading facility here copytrader.jpmarkets.co.za. You can compare the trading history of the available traders and pick the one whose trading strategy is most closely aligned with your investment goals.

Does JP Markets make any deductions for taxes on the money I make/withdraw?

No, we do not make any deductions – your tax considerations are completely between you and SARS. However, it should be noted that any profit that you make from trading Forex will be classed as contributing to your gross income in the Income Tax Act, and thus would be taxed as income, based on the income tax tables for an individual. Consequently, any expense that you incur in the production of the income can be deducted. Please speak to your tax consultant to be completely clear about the tax implications.

Is my money safe?

Your funds are completely safe. Funds are kept in client to client segregated accounts which gets monitored and audited daily by a third party registered auditor every single day. Therefore, your funds are separate and completely safe and secured. In addition, we also have fidelity and professional indemnity insurance to give our clients that extra piece of mind.