About JP Markets

JP Markets is a prominent South African broker that empowers clients for successful trading with a strong focus on personalised services. Operating across Africa, with over 400 000 clients , we stand out through our tech innovation—offering world-class trading platforms and tools to make trading easy.

Delivering exceptional service, expert advice, and unique value to our clients

JP Markets has maintained a consistent record of providing customers with the best possible service, expert advice and a raft of unique value added benefits through a dedicated team of dynamic staff who work hard to recognise and tend to the individual needs and concerns of each and every client. We are particularly mindful of the needs of our clients, allowing for a range of convenient, flexible and user-friendly products and services. We aspire to be the best, and provide service that we are consistently proud of.

We provide a range of financial instruments, including:

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Staying ahead in the dynamic realm of trading

In the fast-paced world of trading, innovation is not just a choice; it’s a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. We recognise the dynamic nature of the trading industry and are fully committed to innovation as a core element of our business strategy.

ODP licence

An ODP licence is an 'Over The Counter Derivative Product' licence, for financial services providers that contract in derivative products, such as CFDs.

FSP License

An FSP license, which stands for Financial Service Provider license, is a regulatory approval granted by authorities to individuals or companies offering financial services.

Trade with MT5

The MT5 platform provides unique tools for successful trading especially for advanced technical and fundamental analysis

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