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What is a partner

An IB (Introducing Broker) partner is an individual or entity that introduces clients to a financial broker or trading platform. IB partners often receive a commission or a share of the trading fees generated by the clients they bring to the broker. Their role is to attract and refer new clients, providing them with information about the broker’s services and facilitating the onboarding process. IB partners can operate in various financial markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, and other trading instruments. This partnership model helps brokers expand their client base, while IB partners earn compensation for their efforts in bringing in new business.

Why partner with JP Markets

Joining Africa’s greatest Broker not only supports your business but elevates the Trading journey of your clients as well. Take advantage of years of experience in mentoring and developing relationships in the Trading industry.  

Instant withdrawals with a variety of psp options

Consistent payment of your IB commissions

Smart IB Dashboard to monitor your IB commissions in real time, tracking of clients and trades

Personal Account Manager for all queries to give clients a safe and smooth environment to trade with.

Marketing material on sign up (merchandise, seminar venues)

We also offer Sub IB’s ( Where master IB’s are able to earn from Sub IB’s clients), basically a tiered IB system.

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Marketing material

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