The Resilient Journey of JP Markets

We’ve ridden the waves of challenge and triumph, and today, JP Markets stands as a testament to resilience and the enduring spirit of innovation. Since our inception in 2016, we’ve been on a remarkable journey, scaling heights over 400,000 registered clients and over ZAR 100 million in deposits per month at our peak,, showcasing our commitment to being a leading force in the financial market.

Our journey, however, has encountered its fair share of learning opportunities. In 2020, we faced an unexpected challenge when our license was temporarily suspended by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), followed by a High Court order for our liquidation. These events tested our resolve but also provided a platform for growth and collaboration with regulatory bodies.

Our collaborative efforts with the FSCA have been instrumental in clarifying regulatory pathways, thereby setting a precedent for the industry. The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in our favour, which set aside the liquidation order, was a momentous affirmation of our commitment to transparent and principled service. This decision was not just a vindication for JP Markets but also a defining moment for the regulatory framework surrounding Over-the-Counter Derivatives Providers (ODPs).

As an STP broker, our past experiences under a FAIS license have honed our ability to operate with the utmost integrity and transparency. The Supreme Court’s acknowledgment of our adherence to these principles has been crucial in our resurgence, allowing us to emerge more focused and resolute.

We regard the Supreme Court of Appeal’s ruling as an opportunity to illuminate our dedication to financial propriety. As we prepare to re-enter the market, we do so with a profound appreciation for the support of our clients and partners.

Our founder, Justin Paulsen, views our recent experiences as a testament to our unwavering principles and as a beacon for our path ahead. JP Markets is set to redefine the market. With our vision set firmly on the future, grounded in trust and excellence, we are ready to ascend to new heights. The challenges we have faced are the catalysts for our growth and the opportunities that await.

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